The Note from Heaven workshop with Githa Ben-David


 vrijdag 18 mei 2018 19:30 uur - zondag 20 mei 2018 17:00 uur Aanmelden

Githa Ben-David € 395.00 Including board and lodging

 The weekend is in the English language / Engelstalig

What is Sound healing?

What is Sound healing?

Vocal Sound scanning can effect any illness as it strengthen the immune system, brings about detoxification and works with Spirit, who can heal whatever you are open and ready for.
Githa cannot promise anything as she opens herself and lets whatever wants to happen through the sound, happen. Sometimes she has focused on a certain illness which did not disappear - but then something else, that she did not focus on, was healed.

Githa Ben-David has experienced instant healings of serious illnesses and she feels deep gratitude when this happens. In big groups the energy often rises, and healing after healing will happen. But it is up to Spirit if it happens, and if the effect of the healing will last. Examples of illnesses which have been cured through Githa’s sound healing are: stress, tinnitus, deafness, pains in joints, knee problems, cancer, limpness, phantom pain...

Philosophy behind the workshop

The Note from Heaven:

* bridges communication with Spirit
* unites us with the oneness level
* rebalances the structures of cells
* increases their level of oxygen and energy
* supports detoxification
* dissolves traumatic experience
* is the medicine of the future
* develops the consciousness and intuition and helps you to manifest as the one you truly are.

Schedule of the weekend workshop in The Note from Heaven:

Schedule of the weekend workshop in The Note from Heaven:


18:30 - 19:30 Arrival

19:30 -21.00  Breathing meditation, The Note from Heaven
7.30 – 9  Meditative physical exercises with undertones, deep relaxation and sound healing

Breakfast 9:00
10.30 -13: 00  Demonstration of healing and Regressive cell-singing with The Note from Heaven

Lunch 13:00
14.15 -15.15 Preparation for Grail meditation

Tea break

15.45 - 17.00   Grail meditation – Blessing of: yourself, family members, people in power, groups, the Earth/nature.

With the use of The Note from Heaven, we connect to the Oneness level and enter the front yard of Heavens gate, where we are blessed with light and love.

Evening meal  18:30

19.45 -21.45 Humming, healing and deep relaxation with undertones.


Breakfast 8.30

9.45 -13 Vocal Sound scanning, demonstration and healing of individuals

Lunch 13:00
14:15- 16 Questions and Healings of the group

Films to experience The Note from Heaven

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you find the links to 2 films, one on Githa’s life and the Note from Heaven and a shorter one on the healing of tinnitus.



Client testimonial:

”Eleven years ago I got new hips. In the operation my sciatica nerve was damaged. I got a drop foot and lost the feeling and movement ability in the half part of my left leg (the foot was totally without feeling). I trained myself adn regained a little feeling and movement back so I could walk but with difficulty. After Githa BD soundhealed me I could lift my leg that high, that I first got frightened. After the healing I regained feeling in my foot, and I felt pain, probably because the old nervs came to live. I can now move my toes. It is nothing less than a miracle. ”
 January 2017 Linda Lindberg, Nyborg, Denmark

International Education 2017: Responses from English participants – all signing for the next courses:

“A huge thanks for a wonderful week. Coming back is the delicious state of being utterly filled with sound yet completely silent inside... “ Veronique (educated as a med. Doctor)

“Most of all, thank you for this beautiful training which has filled me with such joy. This is what I've been waiting for and I'm so happy to be coming back in the Spring”
Christine Carol (therapist)

“Thank you for a truly splendid and deeply moving week. I felt I was among gods and goddesses…” Roger Potter (scientist and medical doctor)

Signing up

If you want to sign up and have a Dutch bank account, click ‘Aanmelden’ on top of this page and follow the procedure.

If you live outside the Netherlands, please sign up by sending a mail to our secretary Ilona Lina, info@helioscentrum.nl

Gegeven door:

Githa Ben-David

Begeleider Githa  Ben-David

Githa Ben-David (23.11.1961), mother of two boys, is a pioneer of Vocal Soundhealing with thirty years experience. Educated in The Royal Danish Conservatory with classical saxophone, singer, composer and writer.

Githa Ben-David has as the first soundhealer in the world written a trilogy on the healing power of the voice. Her work is based in an experience of oneness based on surrendering to “The Note from Heaven”.

Githa Ben-David has published 7 Cd’s and written six books – Among this The Note from Heaven, which is translated into English.

She is the leader of “International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy with The Note from Heaven”.
Runs Gilalai, Institute of Energy and Consciousness including Gilalai Publishing together with her husband, Lars Muhl, international lecturer and performer.

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