At the time of booking, a deposit will be charged for renting the accommodation.

The amount of the deposit depends on the length of the workshop:

weekend from Friday between 4 and 8 pm until Sunday around 5 pm: : € 300,00
3-day workshop (starting Thursday night 8 pm or Friday morning 10 am): € 400,00
4-day workshop: € 500,00
5-day workshop and longer: € 600,00

The reservation is only final after receipt of the deposit. The amount will be deducted from the workshop invoice in due course. In the event of cancellation, at any time, the deposit will not be totally refunded.


In case of cancellation the following rules apply:

In the unlikely event that the teacher has to cancel, the following rules apply:
* For cancellation within one year before the start of the rental period, the entire down payment shall be forfeited to Helios.
* In case of cancellation between 1 and 1,5 years before the start of the rental period, 50% of the down payment will be refunded.
* In case of cancellation longer than 1,5 years before the start of the rental period, the entire down payment will be reimbursed.

This is the only risk for the hirer. We no longer use conditions used by most conference centres because they make those who rent our Centre cancel their workshop/training too quickly for fear of a too big financial penalty. In the current climate, where participants often register late for workshops/courses, this no longer seems desirable to us.

With this new arrangement, the loss for the teacher who rents is always limited. However, Helios reserves the right to cancel any remaining dates with a refund of the down payment for those dates if workshops of those who repeatedly cancelled due to a lack of participants.

When is the remaining payment due?

Four days before the start, we will send the invoice for the number of participants then known to us. This invoice must be paid before the rental period starts.
If more people arrive, we will send a 2nd invoice after the workshop. There will be no refund for guests who cancel less than 4 days before the start.



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