The Helios chefs cook vegetarian and as much as possible organic. They avoid artificial additives (E-nr.) and white sugars.
If a participant reports a diet, he/she will be asked to pay a surcharge per day directly to the cook. NB Also a day with 2 meals counts as a day.

Vegan diets are free of charge, but please bring your own snacks. Vegan diets must be reported.               
Gluten free € 3.00 per day                                            
Soya free € 4.00 per day
Onion and garlic free € 4.00 per day              
Other diets in consultation with the cook up to a maximum of € 7.50 per day.

Please report the diets of your participants no later than 5 days prior to the training date. It is not possible for the cook to take diets into account that are only reported to the kitchen during your stay.
The cook appreciates to meet the participants with a diet at the beginning of the training. The participant then also pays the supplement directly in cash to the cook.


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