An impression of guest rooms and guest tiny houses at Helios

Wooden building ‘De Verdieping’

Our beautiful cream-coloured accommodation building with a lot of wood and natural stone has been built in depth (hence the name which means ‘Deepening’) and is therefore cool on hot summer days. The underfloor heating makes it warm again on cold days!

You will find here the beautiful 8-person 'Zen room' and 5 smaller 1 and 2-person rooms.


Zen room, large living and sleeping room for 2-4 persons






Room Toewijding (= Devotion)

Has a loft with a double bed of 140 cm wide and a single bed below. Suitable for a single or a couple. Sanitary facilities in the corridor.


Room Gelukzaligheid (= Bliss)

Nice 1-person corner room with bed on height. Sanitary facilities in the corridor.






Room Mededogen (= Compassion)

Room that is spacious for 1 person but can also be prepared for 2 persons. Sanitary facilities in the corridor.

In this building are also the smaller rooms Eenheid (= Unity) and Vrede  (= Peace).




First floor of the former farm house:

Our oldest, completely renovated building. Upstairs on the 1st floor are these 2 rooms with a beautiful view over our flower hill and pond:

First floor of the farm house consists of:

Room Helderheid (= Clarity)

2 regular beds. Suitable for 1 or 2 persons.



Room Genezing (= Healing)

Bed 130 cm wide. Suitable for 1 person.



Mobile home

Living room with sitting area and 2 single beds, own shower and toilet in the caravan, wet corner with hot and cold water and possibility to make coffee and tea. Remains cool in summer because it is situated under a roof (the former hay barn). One of our teachers' favourite places.





Our super-loved and cosy little houses (winter-proof):

Walhalla (= Valhalla)

Our separate stilt house with a wide view! Low beds, own toilet in the house and shower in the big Finnish kota, own wet corner with cold water and possibility to make coffee and tea.
One of our teachers' favourite places.

On the 1st photo you can see Valhalla on the outside and below the interior (the nearest shower is in the Finnish kota nearby.)









a beautiful country house with 2 small but nice rooms, smelling of fresh wood.

Shower/toilet is in the Finnish Kota nearby.









Woudlust (= Forest joy)

A cosy cottage with a double bed 140 cm wide. Suitable for a single. Can also be used for a couple. Shower and toilet in the Finnish kota.






Inner Child village:

Even more 'tiny houses'!

Helios has been offering Inner Child weekends for 30 years. This 'village' is there to bring you in touch with your childhood....


Boomhut (= Tree house)

Another hut on stilts: with a wide view over the fields, a 2 person low bed. Suitable for a single or a couple.
Sanitary building right opposite.






Hansel & Gretel cottage

This (right-hand side of the top photo) is the nibble-nibble cottage from the Hansel & Gretel fairy tale. But fortunately without the witch!
Contains 2 beds but is mostly used by 1 person.  Most enjoyed by persons under 1.75 m. Sanitary building right opposite.



Elf caravan

A neat, clean caravan with a 1.40 m bed on one side and the same bed/sitting area on the other. Beautifully painted on the outside with the famous 'Flower Fairies' by Mary Cicely Barker. Sanitary building right opposite. Suitable for a single or a couple.


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