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Our centre has 4 working spaces:
- The Finnish octagonal ‘megakota’ work space is 100m2.
- The large attic workshop space in the farmhouse is 12 x 6,5 m.
- The workshop space in the orchard (in the middle of nature) is 8 x 6 m.

Proximity to nature, safety and unity have always been our starting point when building and renovating.

Bedrooms and Showers

We have the capacity to sleep up to 44 people. There is a choice between single or 2 person bedrooms as well as a dormitory where up to 8 number of people can sleep.
Communal toilets and showers are off the corridors or close by.
We welcome bookings from groups of 10 people (minimum in weekends) / 12 people (minimum for midweeks).

Natural surroundings

Helios Centre is situated on beautiful, well maintained grounds. The 7000m2 large grounds include a pond, little pathways and all sorts of creative buildings and huts. Our centre is in Heerde, The Netherlands between the towns of Apeldoorn en Zwolle and is easy to reach by car as well as by public transport. Although there is no train station, a bus connection runs frequently from Apeldoorn and Zwolle just 900 m from our door.

When is it available for rent?

The centre is often available to rent during midweeks, including the evening time.
If you wish to rent the centre at or including a weekend, these are the available dates (half accommodation = max. 22 persons, entire accommodation = max. 44 persons)


Helios is alcohol-, drugs- and...... tantra free

Due to city council regulations which require a prostitution permit for centers offering tantra massage and tantra workshops in general, we do not ourselves give tantra workshops anymore and unfortunately cannot accommodate colleagues that offer tantra workshops.  Sorry about that!

Please check our Dutch rental page for current availability.  Vrij = free, bezet = occupied. Mail us for personal help if you can't figure out the Dutch!

Available weekends in 2018:
NB Sometimes we get a cancellation. You can send an e-mail to arianne@helioscentrum.nl to be put on a mailing list to hear about new available dates.

Feel free to make an appointment to come and take a look at what our centre has to offer and to determine if our centre is suitable for your workshops/trainings.


Full Board 2018/2019

Rental of workshop spaces (- 20%) when also taking full board for your guests (2 nights minimum):
Monday through friday:

- € 120 per day  for the workshop space in the orchard or the “Verdieping” workshop space,
- € 136,- for the large attic workshop space in the farmhouse and
- € 152,- for the Finnish ‘megakota’.
NB: Weekend workshops that begin on Friday evening and finish on Sunday afternoon are calculated as 2 full days.

- € 152,- per day  for the workshop space in the orchard or the “Verdieping” workshop space,
- € 168,- for the large attic workshop space in the farmhouse and
- € 184,- for the Finnish ‘megakota’.
NB: Weekend workshops that begin on Friday evening and finish on Sunday afternoon are calculated as 2 full days.

Day price per person 2018/2019: € 65.-
1. Breakfast €10,-
2. Lunch €12,-
3. Dinner €18,-
4. Overnight stay per person per night € 25,-*

Includes unlimited coffee, tea, fruit, cookies en organic concentrated juice during the day.

In all prices on this page VAT is included.

The minimum number of guests for renting workshop space including full board is 12. If you rent the entire accommodation the minimum number of guests to be paid for is 20. The minimum number of nights is always 2.

In the case of 15 or more fully paying participants, the workshop leader is our guest and receives full board free of charge.
In the case of 25 or more fully paying participants, the second workshop leader / assistant also receives full board free of charge.
Additional workshop leaders / assistants are required to pay for full board.

* All beds provided include a mattress, a fitted sheet, a pillow and pillow cover.
Guests are kindly required to bring their own sleeping bag / duvet and their own towels.
Our centre can provide a limited number of duvets and towels (for those travelling by public transport, for example). For this additional service, we do request an extra charge of € 7,50 p.p. per weekend.


Although we do not serve alcohol at Helios, participants can purchase alcohol-free beer and drinks at their own cost.

Dietary Requirements

In specific cases the chef can take dietary requirements into consideration, for example, in the case that an individual could become ill if they deviate from their regular diet.
The individual guests with a specific dietary requirements like glutenfree diet are requested to pay an additional €7,50 per 3-meal-day as a contribution towards the extra costs incurred to our centre associated with purchasing and preparing a separate meal.
Simple dietary limitations such as lactose or sugar intolerance incur no extra costs.
Please inform the secretary of any dietary requirements one week before the weekend of the stay so that the chef can include this in the planning.


Kitchen Chores:

The chef requires that 3 individuals help with the washing up after each meal.
It is also possible, as an exception, to hire without doing chores, however, the day price will then increase.


Rental price of the workshop spaces 2018/2019 (without full board)

• The work space in the orchard or the “Verdieping”work space:
Monday-Friday: € 150,- per day/ € 75,- per morning, afternoon or evening
Saturday or Sunday: € 190,- per day/ € 95,- per morning, afternoon or evening

• The large attic work space in the farmhouse:
Monday-Friday: € 170,- per day/ € 85,- per morning, afternoon or evening
Saturday or Sunday: € 210,- per day/ € 105 per morning, afternoon or evening

• The Finnish octagonal ‘megakota’ work space:
Monday-Friday: € 190,- per day/ € 95,- per morning, afternoon or evening
Saturday or Sunday: € 230,- per day/ € 115,- per morning, afternoon or evening

Unlimited coffee, tea, coffee milk, cookies are available for € 3,50 p.p. per day.

Deposit and Cancelation of Full Board Accommodation

As soon as the full board reservation has been confirmed, you will be required to pay an advance of €250,- per weekend / multiple days or a series of weekends (training) for half of the accommodation. An advance of € 500,-  is required for the rental of all accommodation.

Deposit and Cancelation of Work spaces

The cost of hiring a workspace for a single day must be paid in advance.
When reserving a workspace for a series of days, a (non refundable) deposit of 1 day is required. The reservation will be fully confirmed only after the deposit has been received. This amount cannot be refunded if the reservation is cancelled.
This is the only loss the renter will incur in case of cancelation. No percentage of the rent etc. will be charged as is usual elsewhere. The loss to the renter is always limited in this way.

New possibility: one guarantee deposit for all of your events booked
For those renting many days or weekends with us, it is possible to pay one guarantee deposit for all events booked that will stay with us until the teacher asks us to subtract it from the last invoice.
This way the teacher only needs to pay one guarantee deposit and not one or each and every event. In case an event does not take place, the guarantee sum stays with Helios and needs to be paid anew for the remaining events.

Remaining Payment
The total amount for the hire of the workspace(s) and full board should be made payable to the Helios Centre in Heerde at least a week prior to the hire date. See bank details below. The number of guests communicated to us 4 days prior to the beginning of the workshop is the number we buy food for and prepare rooms for. This means that the invoice will be for at least this number or more (if more guests come).

Once the deposit has been paid, we will then publish your activity on the list of activities on the page called ‘Cursusruimte huren’ on the Helios website along with a link to your website.
This page is regularly referred in the Helios Newsletter. Activities are only published on the Dutch page.

All prices include VAT.

The person hiring the workshop space in responsible for any damage to the building and/or the furniture that occurs during the time which is accommodation is hired.


Helios Centrum Heerde, Badhuisweg 3, 8181 RA Heerde
Tel. 31 (0)578-695757, Bank Account Number NL 26 RABO
e-mail: helios@helioscentrum.nl








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