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Minima and maxima

At Helios you always rent for a minimum of 18, maximum of 36 persons. These numbers include staff.

We only rent including overnight stays and full board. So not for a single evening, day etc.

The teacher works with his group in the Finnish kota. We also have a double dining room with a relaxation area where 36 people can be seated.

The meals are as much as possible organic and vegetarian at a high culinary level. Our cooks are true culinary artists.

NB Guests cannot bring pets to Helios unless they stay overnight in their own camper and the pet stays in the camper. One camper can get electricity from us.

Besides the per-person price you also pay room rental, scroll down for this.



Notice to teachers/organizers regarding booking and cancellation of workshops/trainings due to possible corona government measures

If our government or the government of the hirer (if he and his participants come from another country) takes measures which make it impossible for the workshop/course to take place, the deposit can be postponed to a later date or remain as credit until the hirer wants to book again. However, in the event of forced cancellation at short notice, a grocery fee must be paid for the cook.

How do we deal with last minute cancellations due to corona contamination or quarantine obligations?

Our cook has to pass on his food order to his organic supplier 4 days before a rental period. Therefore, our normal rule is that anyone who cancels 4 days in advance will have to pay for overnight stays and meals.

For corona cancellations (the person has a cold and not yet sure what it is, tested positive or in quarantine) we reduce this to the half-meal amount = € 23.50 per day (also for the last 2 meal day). This is in fact a groceries allowance.
Overnight stays do not have to be paid for in the event of a cancellation because of corona.

NB You always pay for a minimum of 18 guests, so the above only applies to participants over 18 guests cancelled by corona.

Would you like more information or book? Mail info@helioscentrum.nl or call Arianne Groeneveld at Helios 0031 6 46 36 79 18.

Character of our accommodation

Our accommodation, situated on a beautifully designed, natural site of 7700 m2, consists of 4 buildings, three of which have bedrooms. In addition, we have several fairytale and fantasy, tiny house type accommodation areas such as our 2 'tree houses', Woudlust, the mini-kota, the Elfjes-caravan and the 'Hansel and Gretel house'.

These cosy outdoor spaces are loved by our guests because it is an experience to sleep in them and they offer peace and privacy. Toilet and shower are always nearby.

Here you will find photos and descriptions of most of our sleeping areas.


Super group space: the Finnish kota

Behind the big pond is our Finnish kota (110 m2), a course room that is the dream of every teacher: the perfect shape (octagonal = almost round), entirely made of natural materials (Douglas fir wood and light loam walls, oak floor), wonderfully evenly heated by wall heating, very good sound system, moreover built on a spot with a powerful, warm energy. The room is well insulated. Several large, rough pieces of semi-precious stones form lighting elements along the walls.

We have yoga/massage mats, backpacks, meditation cushions and chairs. We also have many Reiki tables and 6 massage tables that are all available to the tenant.
The teacher can come a few hours before the start of the group to set up the room to his/her liking with all the available materials.

When the weather is nice, the activities can also take place in nature on our beautifully designed terrain of 7700 m2. It adds an extra dimension to an activity if you can do yoga outside or sit together in the open air!





Availability Calendar




Full board package per 1-10-2022 per person

Day package per person: € 77 / € 97
consisting of:

1. Breakfast € 12,50
2. Lunch € 13,50
3. Dinner € 20,--
4. Overnight stay per person in a shared room per night € 31,--* Sleeping alone € 51,--
5. Incl. coffee, tea, cookies and fruit during tmeals and breaks.**

* We only rent for trainings with a minimum of 2 nights. There is no use calling us about renting on single evenings or days!
** We no longer have soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer, etc. for sale. If you wish, you can use the fridge in the dining hall to store the drinks you have brought with you for your own participants.

The prices of overnight stays and full board are include 9% VAT.

Municipal charges (tourist tax)
You pay € 1.50 per person per night.

What to bring and chores
For these prices people bring theirv own sleeping bag or duvet and their towels. For guests that are not able to bring them we can provide a duvet/towel package for € 20,00 per person, € 30,00 for a couple.

Guests do in turns dishwasing chores after meals.



Rental fee Finnish Kota


The rental fee for the Finnish Kota is € 212,00 per 24 hours.

Example of renting per 24 hours: If you book from 16:00 on Friday to 16:00 on Sunday, you pay the rent for 2 x 24 hours. If you exceed the maximum of 2 hours, no extra rent will be charged. When exceeding 3 or 4 hours, you pay half the 24 hours-rate extra. When exceeding 5-24 hours, you pay the full 24-hour rental extra.

The hall hire is inclusive of 21% VAT.

If you have booked with us, the prices do not change in principle. However, we reserve the right to make a realistic price adjustment on 1 January of a new year if there is inflation, unusually high heating costs or an increase in the VAT rate or other taxes. This increase is equal to the real inflation or tax increase.

NB If the heating costs or food costs continue to rise excessively later in the year, we will also have to apply a price correction upwards. However, this will never be more than the real cost increase.

Below are the answers to the questions you may still have:

* What do the rooms look like?

* What do the guests have to bring with them?

* How does Helios handle diets?

* Do the participants do chores?

* Do I have to pay a deposit and what happens if we have to cancel?

* Can we add or remove people at short notice?

* Can Helios advertise my offer?

If you have any other questions or would like to receive a quotation, please contact Arianne Groeneveld directly: 06 46 36 79 18, info@helioscentrum.nl.
Also if you want to make an appointment to come and see the whole accommodation.




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